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Deep Sea Fishing Kauai has a performance Sport Fishing boat to get you to the fish on a thrilling Hawaiian Fishing Adventure.  Our vessel is equipped with a bathroom and is designed and constructed for the open ocean with proven performance hull design, a low center of gravity and a wide beam for stability and is aggressively powered with twin screws for speed, maneuverability and redundancy.  Our meticulously maintained and quality outfitted fishing vessel is a mighty fishing machine capable in any conditions. 
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Connie Claire


Connie Claire is a completely refurbished 32’ Blackfin. Low, wide and stable she offers plenty of deck and lots of rail to work.  Blackfin purchased the rights to the 31’ Bertram after production stopped in 1986.  Blackfin kept the same strong, beautiful, purpose driven performance machine. We enhanced this dream when completely refitted in 2019.  Two new Cummins 330hp turbocharged engines were well received. A marine head (bathroom) and extended room on the fly bridge offer a little more space to take in a different view. A sharpened keel and extended residual buoyancy above the water line, give this vessel a unique smoothness and the ability to part waves with authority.  She maneuvers the open seas deftly and is appreciated for her stunning lines by all. 


Other Fishing Vessel Considerations

Kauai is in the middle of the Pacific and exposed to open ocean currents and weather. Tuna towers are nice eye candy but in Kauai they offer little more than something pretty to look at. These structures mounted above the cabin make boats top heavy and compromise stability of the vessel in even moderate weather conditions. You will never see your captain or crew in the crows nest nor will you experience any benefit from having one on your boat when fishing the waters around Kauai.  You will feel a bit more woozy when on a boat with a tuna tower, due to the added rolling and rocking it brings with it. When it’s beyond moderate the super structure is a serious detriment to performance.  

It’s nice to have a big boat – don’t get me wrong.  But you pay for it with performance. A big boat may have room for a sofa but what can it do for you? EIGHT KNOTS! That’s it. When the fish are biting outside (say 10 miles) and you want to get there it’s going take an hour and a half out and an hour and a half back. It’s your time, why waste it? When the birds are working the bait as the Skipjack run hastily over the entire ocean, a large boat limited to eight knots will get you there, eventually. Will the fish still be around? Choose a boat that can get out of it’s own way and you will increase range, and the amount of time you are IN THE FISH. You can even chase down a bird pile or two. Many fish are taken baiting and working very close to the Island’s  FAD’s (fish aggregation devices).  A good boat can maneuver backing down while holding positions and working.  We’re here to get you to the fishing action as soon as possible, whether you are on a 4, 6, or 8 hour charter.   Don’t limit your opportunity to catch fish, by choosing a fishing charter based on the size of the boat. Better to base your choice on the years of experience they have fishing and how successful they are at consistently landing big game fish for their customers.  If fishing is what you came to do, Deep Sea Fishing Kauai can deliver.  

Most people will never know what lies below the water line and that’s fine for most people. If you are an experienced angler or just trying to stack the odds in your favor, you will want to know what is “down under”. A single screw vessel will have trouble maneuvering. When backing down there is no control, nun, zero, nil. So backing down is not an option, so the captain is powerless to assist you with the vessel when landing big game fish.  How does one compensate for this? Massive gear like 130’s on big sticks. Well, there goes the fun! It’s kind of like the whole enchilada. A fine angler with great equipment, working with a skilled captain on a vessel that is agile, maneuverable, and able to assist with positioning the angler in the right place to get ‘er done. When it really matters, and it always matters, find two screws to enhance your chances for success. Besides maneuverability you will generally find speed, range and reliability built in. What a deal!

Find a wide beam for stability. Kauai offers great fishing under trades of 10 to 15 MPH. A nice wide beam promotes stability and yields an impressive deck space for fighting big game. There are boats out there with deep V hulls for performance that don’t have the beam to lend stability. Instability makes baiting tough and bottom fishing impossible. Find a deep V hull for performance and a wide beam for stability.

Twin engines not only add to speed they extend the performance of a vessel exponentially. Matched to a true performance hull with a skilled operator you can feel confident you are getting the most of any situation. No compromises.

Yes, it’s a Bertram!

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Charter rates are subject to State of Hawaii Excise Tax of 4.712%, a 3% State Harbor Tax and the Ocean Users Fee of $1 per passenger.


Island fruit juices, ice and bottled water included.

Expect to meet early (5:30 AM Summer, 6:30 AM Winter) for morning charters and 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM for afternoon trips.  Arrangements may be made to accommodate events.

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