Frequently Asked Questions



We are located at Port Allen Small Boat Harbor in Ele`ele.  All guests should check in with us at the shop unless notified to meet at the boat (on the second dock).  Check out the map to find driving directions to Port Allen Small Boat Harbor from wherever you are staying on the Island.



These are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) we encounter.
It is our hope that the answers will help guide you in making a quality choice for your charter needs.

It is our recommendation to check with your friends, wife, boss or soon to be father in law first. If you are thinking about going fishing.  Keep thinking. When you know you want to go fishing, give us a call or contact us. Book in advance at the time you have made your decision to go. Waiting can eliminate your choice of boat, captain or the day and time of your choosing. MAY THROUGH SEPTEMBER ARE IN HIGH DEMAND SO PLEASE PLAN AHEAD!

Yes. Our boat has a full marine head/bathroom. 

Deep Sea Fishing Kauai departs from PORT ALLEN SMALL BOAT HARBOR.  All guests should check in with us at our shop located at the Port Allen Marina Center, unless notified to meet directly at the boat (2nd dock).


Port Allen Marina Center has provided free, designated parking, on the ocean (Makai) side of the Marina Center. After passing the Marina Center, located on the right side of Waialo Road, take the right turn just before the dirt parking lot and after the Marina Center. Our designated parking area is the last unit of stalls on the left side.  Just past the parking stalls is the road that goes down to the Port Allen Small Boat Harbor.


Port Allen Small Boat Harbor is on the sunny South West side of the island. You will like the laid back vibe with no giant cruise ships or barges in our way. We are on the calmer, leeward coast as opposed to the windward side of the island (Nawiliwili) – which is the preferred launch site for incredible fishing adventures.  

Trade winds come at the islands from the North East into Hapuu mountain range (Nawiliwili) where the clouds are stripped of rain and the wind is diverted by the mountain. In the lee of the mountain there is a calm or dead spot. While the winds may still blow they are diminished. Once on the open ocean the waves are more consistent and less agitated because the swell passes in one direction. Waves are not bounced back off the island. These two reasons alone make fishing from PORT ALLEN that much better. Most days can be pleasant working up the inside in the lee with a downwind run on the open sea. This is just not possible on the windward side.

Our vessel is United States Coast Guard certified for 6 passengers.  Yes, your child is a passenger at any age.  No we cannot take 7 or more.  I know it is just one more person to you but to me it is my permit, my credentials and our livelihood.  Thank you for understanding.

Yes! As a guide, we would like to see our anglers capable of taking directions and being able to participate and enjoy the activity. As such we encourage having one adult per child under 14 and would request that children younger than 14 be identified before the charter, as it may impact decisions regarding weather cancellations and intended fishing methods and areas.

We have a 72 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY. Any advance notice you can provide regarding your need to cancel a charter is greatly appreciated. In the event that you cancel within 72 hours from the departure date and time (7:00am is the rule) the FULL CHARTER RATE will be assessed. In the event of a cancellation due to weather we will make every effort to reschedule. However, should we be unable to reschedule no chargers will be assessed. Weather cancellations are determined EXCLUSIVELY BY THE CAPTAIN based on the safety of the passengers.

In Hawaii the catch is shared at the captain’s discretion. It is our intention and greatest pleasure to share some of the islands finest and freshest fish with our anglers. The captain does know the islands’ fish well and is familiar with local market conditions. It is our intention to have our clients take home enough fillets to treat their friends and family to some fine fish dinners. That way you can tell about your adventure and share with your company how much you enjoyed your day with us. Fish are cut up to about 20 pounds and shared accordingly. Larger fish are intended for the local markets and help offset the cost of keeping quality tackle and equipment on the boat. It is a good idea to bring a small cooler or water proof container to transport a portion of the catch.

Should it be your intention to release, please inform the captain if you are considering mounting your fish. Information on the size (length overall) of the fish is required prior to release if you wish to request a mount.

Hydrate and prepare physically for your fishing or boating experience. Stretch out upon arriving. A walk to the restroom is a great way to get the blood flowing. Drink lots of water throughout the day and the day before.

A few things can make your trip a bit more comfortable so bring them along. Prepare the night before so you don’t forget anything early in the morning.


Sunglasses help your eyes relax , cut the wind and enhance natural colors. More importantly polarized glasses cut glare and enable you to see the fish better.


Wide brim is best, although a snug fitting cap is a fair substitute. A clip or tether will keep it around if the sea breezes pick up. We will  stop for AHI but not for hats blown from the deck.


SPF 45 and waterproof. Tropical sun is deceiving. Ocean breezes trick you into feeling cool while you are soaking in the solar rays. Protect yourself to the maximum and reapply often. Sunbathe at the beach, protect yourself on the water. Don’t forget, lips, noes, knees and feet!


Deck type shoes are a good start. Rock’n and roll’n is the way it is so be comfortable but provide support and traction if you can. Think about walking around on deck, fish jumping around and people moving in and out of the way. It’s a little crazy in the melee, so dress for it.


You may want to put one in the bag. Mornings are brisk and the weather can change. Try for something waterproof and on the light side, an undershirt with long sleeves and then the reliable and trusty T-shirt with your favorite fishing logo. On almost any day the weather is near great but when it’s not, it’s good to be prepared.


Bring a little something to hold you over should you decide to extend your fishing trip. We will provide water and island juice.


We enjoy sharing the taste of the islands with our clients and friends. Please bring a small cooler or waterproof container to hold a portion of the catch.  We will cut some fish and ice it down for you to take and share with family or friends on the Island.

We provide bottled water and island Juice or soda. Please bring a snack or lunch to hold you over.  Should you wish to bring adult beverages feel free but respect our request to drink in moderation.  Also, no glass containers or bananas.

NO! The Vessel maintains the fishing license.

Check with your physician or pharmacist regarding motion sickness if you feel you may be affected. Our boats are low and wide with twin diesel engines amid ship. She is a stable and solid ride. The exhaust is far to the rear of a very generous fishing deck. There is minimal vortex if any of exhaust fumes. This is a very good ride in Hawaiian waters. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We do need full consensus on a share charter to turn back if such a request is made due to motion sickness. For this reason children (under 7 years old) are discouraged from participating in share outings. This is also a good reason to prepare for your day on the water the day before.

Please inform us of any medical condition or adversity you feel our knowledge of will assist us in providing you a quality fishing experience.

It is our purpose to take you out on this ULTIMATE HAWAIIAN ADVENTURE and bring you back safely. It is our intent to pursue the catch with determination, conviction and grace. If done well it should feel effortless but rest assured our greatest effort is applied long before you arrive and well after you leave. Maintaining the vessel and gear in proper order as well as effect is time consuming and costly. Please be aware that on any charter gratuity for the crew is not included in the charter rate. Consideration for the crew, 20%, should be planned for in addition to the charter rate. If you have no intention of extending a courtesy to the crew for their service and effort on your behalf please consider another activity for your entertainment. The crew wages are derived from gratuity and fish sales.

We have Deep Sea Fishing Kauai t-shirts available for purchase at our shop in Port Allen Marine Center just up the street from the Port Allen Harbor.  Feel free to stop by after your fishing adventure!

DON’T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN!  Lips and noses, knees and feet!

We hope you find the information here helpful. Should you have any further questions you would like answered please give us a call or email.

If you are pregnant, sport fishing is not recommended. 

No Smoking on the boat.

Let's Go Fishing!