Kauai Fishing Grounds

The Benefits of Fishing Kauai’s South/West Side…

Sport fishing on the South West side of Kauai is a pleasure as we generally work into the weather for the morning and experience down wind runs in the lee of the Island in the afternoon. Compare this with the windward side (North/East) where exposure in moderate trade winds push waves into the Island creating a second bounce back wave. It’s worth a few extra minutes in the car to experience better ocean conditions for your day on the water. The ledges around Kauai are within 1 mile (40 Fathom) and extend out 3.5 miles (FADS and the 1000 FA). We can even run to 20 miles (2000 Fathom), mid channel, weather permitting.

what we catch

Below is a list of the game fish we catch and the time of year they are more common.  That said, anything can happen at any time. Fish will run early and late but a few generalities can be inferred from years of fishing experience. Fishing is good all year! Bottom fishing is on at anytime, however, the bite is stronger from the first quarter to the full moon.

Yellow Fin Tuna, Ahi
Ahi Yellow Fin Tuna & Big Eye Tuna

These golden blue torpedoes exert more raw power in the initial burst and continued pressure throughout the contest than any other fish. Hawaii’s warm tropical waters super-charge these giants, providing them with sustained super natural energy. A trophy catch and beautiful specimen, they may reach over 270 pounds. Arriving from the west and rolling into the tuna basin, just two miles out from Port Allen Harbor, Ahi usually run during the summer months, however a winter run on tuna does happen.

Striped Marlin
Au’ Pacific Blue Marlin

Often found at 150 to 500 pounds, these leviathans have been known to exceed 1000 pounds.  With the state record over 1800 pounds, there is no limit to the excitement these fish generate. Marlin are most often found in Hawaiian waters into the late fall.  Truly elegant and unpredictable in nature, these and other bill fish (Striped Marlin, Shortnosed Spearfish, Sailfish and Swordfish) are game of the finest kind. A legendary “strike boat”, our 31’ Bertram’s speed and agility provides anglers the necessary advantage as you pursue this prestigious game fish and angler’s dream. 

Mahi Mahi, Dorado
Mahi Mahi – Dorado or Dolphin Fish

A gold, green, silver and blue dancer, the Mahi Mahi is known for a stunning colorful display and unruly fighting style. It may often lure you into a battle leaving you breathless. Its unique structure affords it a surprising strength.

Ono, Wahoo
Ono – Wahoo

Stalking the ledge just a half mile from the harbor and stacking up thick around Niihau, the Ono is a sleek and speedy predator with scissor like teeth.  This near shore aggressor is name for its ability to cut through lure and leader leaving the crew to yell “Ohh-No” when the damage is done and “Ohh-Yea!” when the fish hits the deck.

Skipjack, Aku
AKU – Kawa Kawa – Skip Jack and False Albacore

Smaller in size, these bullets are pursued by everything in the sea. Not surprisingly, they have developed the unique energy found in most prey. At 4 to 40 pounds these fish pack a punch. When larger sizes are encountered they are often mistaken for a much bigger fish. Too numerous to mention, other marine species exist in shallow and deep water. Bottom fishing, casting and trolling the coastal waters can yield unlimited fun for the whole family.

Kauai FAD

Locations + Ledges


The Island of Kauai is surrounded by ledges at 40 Fathoms, 300 feet to 600 feet, the 1000 Fathom, 1500 Fathom and 2000 Fathom (12,000 feet!).  The birds will work these areas and so do the fishermen. I have pointed out some locations that are no surprise to local commercial fishermen and many remain in “the book”.  For the most part our location affords us access to the EAST, SOUTH and WEST areas. Fish Aggregation Devices or FAD’S are placed on the 1000 fathom drop and hold fish during the morning and late afternoon. In addition they are a good reference point when on the water.


Fishing offshore brings you to 6000 feet of water within minutes providing an exceptional value as 4 and 6 hour charters can be in very deep water for most of the fishing time. The worlds most powerful fish can be found just outside the Harbor.

Kauai FAD and ledge locations

Windward + Leeward


What’s the big deal you may ask? Take note of the islands shape and our location on the south side (yellow pin). Trade winds are constant from the North East nearly every day. The leeward coast is afforded considerable relief from wind and wind generated waves.  The eastern and northern exposures encounter higher winds and larger swells and bounce back waves off the Island nearly every day. For this reason alone it is worth a few extra minutes in the car to have a better experience on the ocean for the next 4-8 hours.

Our sport fishing boat is a fast fishing machine and weather permitting the Na Pali Coast and Ni’ihau are within range. Both make exceptional opportunities to have a wonderful day on the water. The Na Pali Coast is a family fun outing with fishing on the inside for Ono, Trevally and Barracuda. Ni’ihau is a place of legends. Blue fin, Yellow fin, Ono, Mahimahi, Marlin, Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Gray, Blue and Mako are found in these isolated waters.

Bottom fishing is productive but bring them in fast because the predators will be waiting for you to stop and catch your breath.  On each outing to these destinations I hear time and again “Captain, whatever it takes just don’t take us back until you absolutely have to”.

Let's Go Fishing!